Glenwood Archaeology


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The Glenwood Culture

Known as one of North America’s natural treasures, the Loess Hills is also one of our country’s archaeological gems. This unique landscape harbors hundreds of well-preserved earthlodge dwellings and palisaded villages built by ancestral Plains Indians. The people who lived in earthlodges in Iowa are known to archaeologists as the Glenwood culture.

Travel with us to North Dakota, where we explore a reconstructed earthlodge from the Knife River Indian Villages using archaeological evidence from the Glenwood Culture of Mills County, Iowa.

Decades of archaeological excavations and research have resulted in thousands of one-of-a-kind artifacts, fieldwork photographs, and maps. Discover some of our favorites!

Link to Online Booklet

Learn about the Glenwood culture and the Highway 34 excavations in Mills County in more depth in this digital booklet, viewable as an interactive flipbook or PDF download.